Astrology, a science to identify the celestial with the mundane things, in cognizance of this fact, had assigned gold for the Sun, silver for the Moon and so on purely on their colour similarities. Various colours have been ascribed to planets thus: Orange or Gold colour to Sun, Red for Mars, Dark Blue for Saturn, Green for Mercury, Yellow for Jupiter and so on.

Though a conclusive assessment of a person’s positive and negative qualities can not be made chiefly relying on his likes and dislikes to certain colours, yet its importance in total evaluation cannot be lightly dismissed. Realizing this aspect, the Astrologers had made frequent references to colours in their works. According to them, the wearing of red kumkum on the forehead by our Hindu women, symbolizes Mars who rules blood. A particular gem or stone is also assigned to a planet on the basis of similarity of colour. A person’s penchant towards a particular colour can be attributed to strong influences of a planet.

According to Astrology, the `colour-consciousness’ of a person can be fairly gauged by the sub-lord of Lagna, the disposition of Lagna lord and planets aspecting Lagna cusp. More than one planet reveals the modifying shades of a colour. To take an example: a Thula lagna native with sub-lord Saturn, lord of lagna posited in Kataka in the star of Saturn, would naturally prefer light blue colours since Venus in Kataka will surely dissolved the strong blue of Saturn. Now a question may arise. Will a person whose natural preference is light blue like that only hue all through life irrespective of change in circumstances and vagaries of taste? Logically the answer is that since the dasa lord is a prime factor during the period of its run, any amendment, alteration or modification in one’s choice may be traced to the dasa lord and its constellation lord. This gives a clue as to why a person who has been preferring cream and yellow colours during Jupiter dasa has slowly started liking darker shades with the advent of Saturn dasa.

Now I shall broadly study the characteristic of a few colours with reference to their respective planets:

RED (Mars): A vigorous and forceful colour depicting a man of action, adventure and boldness. More of brawn than brain. On the positive side, red-lovers are upright, bold and face the challenges of life with vigour. On the negative side, it makes them impulsive, vengeful and fool-hardy.

MAROON (Modifying shade of red): Represents strength with stamina. A colour of warmth and cooperative effort. Suffers from moody spells.

PINK (Modifying shade of red): A very popular colour especially for bedrooms, drawing rooms and lounges. Think Pink is a slogan of a Hollywood comedian. Pink shows love and willingness to help others. True pink is a delicate shade and people who respond to its vibration get easily hurt though they recover readily.

GREEN (MERCURY): Adaptable to circumstances. Both sentimental and sympathetic. Fond of companionship and inclined to take life easy. If beset by failure they try to wallow in self-sympathy and put the blame on others.

EMERALD (Modifying shade of Green): This strong green raises adaptability to the status of adventure. Emerald-lovers make the most of the opportunities coming in their way.

OLIVE (Modifying shade of green): A weak colour representing a person who shirks responsibilities and tries to find excuses. Lovers of this hue need lot of cajoling, encouragement and support to goad them into action.

BLUE (SATURN): True to the nature of its ruling planet, this hue indicates moods and sentimentality. On the positive side, blue gives some measure of devotion, a certain self-sufficiency and deep and far reaching thoughts.

NAVY BLUE (Modifying shade of blue): A dark shade of blue depicting faithfulness and constancy of purpose. Reliability trust and strength characterize this shade. (Probably that is why this colour is preferred by the Navy).

SKY BLUE : A lighter shade of blue. Lovers of sky-blue now and then descend to the depth of dejection and then rise up to the heights of cheerfulness. Even in company they some time feel lonely, and worrying over trivial seems to be a hobby with them.

VIOLET (Associated with VENUS): a SOOTHING AND HARMONIOUS COLOUR. Violent admirers often have taste towards literary, artistic and dramatic works. They are imaginative and creative. Turning fantastic into reality is their common objective. They develop a liking for mysticism. They influence others easily. On the negative side, violet-lovers assume a sort of self importance. Being blind to their own faults, they avoid criticism. They like to live in their own world of illusions and often draw self satisfaction out of it.

PURPLE (Modifying shade of Violet): High thinking, sense of superiority, Empty grandeur, are some of the traits of this royal shade.

WHITE (MOON): Often considered a symbol of purity. They are sincere and fair to others and understand others with sympathy. People who are fascinated by the vibrations of this colour often like to live an orderly life (whether they do it or not) and change their ideas to the changing times in order to keep in tune with life. On the negative side they tend to be over critical.

GRAY (Modifying colour of white): A deceptive and uncertain colour indicating persons who appear to be indifferent to circumstances but definitely a calculating and cool opportunist. Gray lovers exhibit caution often resulting in wise moves.

BLACK (RAHU & KETU): Highly formal and conventional Black vibration exhibits great understanding. Devoid of false prestige, it shows dynamism and purposefulness.

ORANGE or GOLD (SUN): Proud and self-esteemed they impress and influence others easily and become a centre of attraction. Ambition of some kind drives them along and neither love nor sentiments can distract them from their purpose. Popularity and success appeal to them very much and they will leave no stone unturned to come to limelight. On the negative side, they sometimes lack warmth and override all opposition with uncanny cunning and genius. Their conceit often narrows their outlook.

YELLOW (JUPITER): Yellow in its full bloom denotes intellectuality. It speaks of a scientific mind that overcomes ignorance. Lovers of yellow shades are often sought after for their practical wisdom and constructive counseling. They inject confidence, encouragement and cheerfulness. Having been endowed with broad vision, they plan everything on a grand scale. They are benevolent and take applause and abuses with equanimity. They also tend to develop religious and philosophical interests as they advance in age.

Having seen a panoramic view of the characteristics of colours in relation to their respective planets, I should like to submit here that an interesting horizon is awaiting fruitful researches in the field of colourology. The day is not far off when just like gem therapy, colour-therapy can be effectively developed to off-set certain mental ills and deficiencies.

Astrology, if suitable researches are made in this direction, can really offer useful suggestion based on planetary colours to infuse courage, cheer and confidence in our fellow being.

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