When you’re thinking of going into something as life-changing as life coaching, questions are to be expected. It does sound too good to be true: life coaching gets rid of distractions, refocuses your goals and generally gets your life back on track. If you’ve ever been apprehensive or skeptical about life coaching before, these 5 questions are a good place to start finding answers.Does life coaching really work?Yes it does, but only if you let it work. Although life coaching will have you working with a life coach or two, the process of identifying improvement goals and then successfully implementing them is still dependent on you taking action. You have to go into the activities with an open mind to let the process work.Does life coaching involve any religion?Unless you specifically requested life coaching sessions that focused on religion and spirituality, your life coach won’t delve into that region of your life with you. Life coaching targets more visible areas of your life, such as your career or your family. Project-Transform does offer spiritual life coaching if you’re looking for guidance and direction with your spirituality and faith.Isn’t life coaching just psychology?Although life coaches commonly share some techniques with psychology, the two fields are very distinct. Psychologists specialize in diagnosing conditions and identifying causes; a Project-Transform life coach focuses on helping you express your problems and identify solutions. They sound very similar but life coaching is primarily focused on defining concrete action steps for improving your life instead of worrying about the causes. Your Project-Transform life coach will also be more directive than a psychologist and will present specific recommendations on how you might proceed with achieving your goals.How long will results take?This is one of the life coaching questions whose answer varies from person to person. Your Project-Transform life coach will be focused on helping you make some immediate improvements to the quality of your life. Sustaining those improvements and making more complex improvements will require you to keep working on implementing changes in your life. The actual time frame for your activities and life plans depends on the complexity of your goals and your willingness to actively work towards achieving those goals. Some people make considerable progress within a month or two, while there are also individuals who stick with a program for several years.From a life coaching perspective, neither case is better than the other. Change can be a very difficult thing to do; it’s a personal journey, not a race against others. The important thing isn’t that you achieve change earlier than the other person, but that you make the improvements you wanted as effortlessly as possible. What makes a life coach so valuable?First of all, life coaches are valuable to the change process because they have training in facilitating change. The Project-Transform life coaches follow a life coaching process that will bring you immediate improvements in your life while building the foundation needed to more easily implement future improvements. This is related to another life coaching question about why you should get life coaches in the first place. While you could just ask advice from a more successful or better-adjusted friend, a life coach who has never met you before can give you an entirely new perspective to examine your life with. And because many of the coaches were on the receiving end of life coaching in the past themselves, they make excellent guides along the road to change.

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